Ecological plot of land with olive trees and a house ruin in Periana, Málaga

Price:  120,750 €

  • Plot: 16,000 m²
  • House/ruin: 80 m²
  • Ecological cultivation: olive trees
  • Location: Periana (Málaga)



Description of the ecological farm in Andalusia

The 16,000 m² ecological plot is located in the small hamlet of Regalón, which belongs to Periana. On the property are many old olive trees and also a few carob trees. It is a kind of olive plantation, which can be a good source of income.

On the property stands also an old ruin, which can be rebuilt. Or it can be demolished and a new house built. Both are possible. The land is partially fenced and has 3 different entrances. It is therefore accessible from 3 different sides. It has water connection and electricity is also available in the neighbourhood.

From the property you have a wonderful view of the surroundings. And the energY there ist simply wonderful. A lovely place to live there or just to grow olives. Or both.

This estate or finca is suitable for people who want to have an income with the cultivation of olives. And who may also want to invest in the construction of a house if they plan to live on the property.

Price:  120,750 €

Interested in this property in Regalón, Periana?

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